Large Scale Ceramics

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Posted 22 Jul 2011 in Uncategorized

A big “thank you” is in order to Carlos Prado for leading this special summer course!  We had a great group critique yesterday.  Not only were the students present, but also Carole Garmon, Joe DiBella, and Rosemary Jesionowski from Studio Art, Ana Chichester and Marcelo Fajardo-Cardenas from Modern Foreign Languages, and Dan Finnegan from LibertyTown Arts.

The work was very impressive.  Carlos asked the students to come up with an idea in one day for one large ceramic piece.  From here, he worked individually with each student to plan out the best ways to accomplish his or her goals.  He encouraged the students to work beyond what they thought was possible and pushed them to continue when they thought all was lost (one piece broke in the kiln).  From figurative pieces to works that were investigating the medium to works that challenged what ceramics can be, everything was exciting.

This open critique is a wonderful way to get feedback from a variety of people!  In the coming semesters, you’ll see more of this type of critique!

Look for an exhibition of this work at LibertyTown in August!

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